Rubberband Girl


Rubberband Girl got her start in a small Southern Nevada town in the early 1980s, recording pretend radio shows onto cassettes alone in her bedroom. She sure had a lot to say back then! This continued into the 1990s, when she began collecting records and making heartfelt mix-tapes for friends. By the early aughts, her record collection had grown to quite an impressive degree, and she landed a cool job in music retail.

By 2006, RG found her way to the Bay Area and eagerly began volunteering at the best freeform radio station in the universe, KALX Berkeley. Within a year, her life-long dream of “being a DJ for reals” had come true, and her first long-term show was on Fridays from 6a-9a. She remained a weekly programmer at KALX until March 2020 and now produces a weekly show remotely on The Freeform Station of the Nation, WFMU (currently ON HIATUS).

From October 2021 – October 2022, Rubberband Girl was the weekday morning host on Rock ‘n’ Roll station KWPT “The Point” 100.3 & 102.9 FM in Humboldt County. From 6a to noon, Monday through Friday (as “Betty in the Morning”) she blended a unique mix of Rock classics from the 50’s to the 90’s, with seminal R&B, Soul and Reggae tracks mixed in.

Rubberband Girl has been a professional music curator for a variety of events, typically outside of the mainstream (i.e. not a Top 40 club DJ). She plays music that moves her, which hopefully in turn moves those listening. More than being narrowed down to a specific genre, she is interested in creating moods and keeping a good flow. She loves making connections between eras and styles and surprising listeners with the best songs they’ve never heard.

Different occasions call for different material, so Rubberband Girl carefully crafts each set accordingly, for the venue and audience. She programs emotionally and intuitively, which audiences seem to connect with, though, ultimately, tries not to take herself too seriously and wants everyone to just have a great and memorable experience.


  • LOUNGE + COCKTAIL: Downtempo, Rare Groove, Jazz, Exotica, Easy Listening, Space-Age Pop and more
  • ROCK + POP: Psychedelic, Soul, Pop Vocal, Swing, Motown, Rockabilly, Surf, New Wave, Britpop, Indie, Shoegaze, Power Pop, Garage, Electronic and more
  • DANCE + DISCO: Electro, Freestyle, Old School Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Funk and more